Stunting in Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang

  • Dahlia Lidia Silitonga Puskesmas kelurahan Gelora
  • Raffi Paramawati Universitas Pelita Harapan
Keywords: The Kebon Melati integration servive post toddler growth collaboration with others sectors The Stunting bag


Prevent stunting is the goal of the Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia. A national commitment as government priority, stunting among children under five years of age is the reflection of Indonesia future. Stunting is the most prevalent shape of child malnutrition with an estimated 30.8% of children under five years of age in Indonesia. Stunting often goes unknown in communities concern where short height is the norm as a linear growth, which is not routinely assessed in primary health care settings. The chronic permanent physical and neurocognitive damage that accompanies stunted growth produce a major threat to human development. In 2019, Jakarta is one from six provinces that has increasing stunting cases from 17.6% to 19.9%. Tanah abang is one from seven districts in Centre Jakarta which has stunting prediction more than 14% in 2021. However, in writing this scientific paper, only one sub-district was taken, namely Kebon Melati sub-district because of the large number of children under five who were weighed and one bag of stunting was found. The concrete first intervention is to actively conducted measure the height children under five years of age from 11% to 80% for more than 7,200 children under five through integrated service post in six locus. A total of more than 100 children under five in the Kebon Melati sub-district have been measured for both weight and height in November-December 2021 by health workers from the Tanah Abang Health Center with the assistance of the integrated service post cadres at Kebon Melati sub-district. The integrated service post which is carried out regularly in the Kebon Melati sub-district with the participation of cadres and health workers as an appropriate and sustainable health intervention. The benefits of the sub-district and sub-district cross-sectoral support in preventing stunting have been felt by residents of the Kebon Melati sub-district.


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